What to Wear in a Yoga Class – The Beginner’s Guide to the First Class

Yoga fashion has changed a lot since I started practicing 25 years ago. In the past, pants, shorts, and tops, among others were primarily made of cotton. Since then, technology has played a big role on this revolution as the materials used to make yoga clothes have changed drastically throughout the years.

Today, there’s a huge demand for comfortable materials that ease transpiration, such as lycra spandex, polyester, and synthetic stretchy as well as organic and recycled materials, that make the clothes very soft, smooth, polished and with a silky finish when worn.

Sales of pants, for example, have increased considerably with the popularity of yoga these past few years. But that doesn’t mean everyone wanting to try yoga for the first time needs to wear them. In fact, wearing this icon of yoga wear is just one of the options available to those that practice.

If you’re a beginner looking to practice yoga for the first time, and don’t know what to wear on your first class, the content below was made for you.

Dos and don’ts of yoga wear

The very first thing to consider is comfort. Choose something that you feel good wearing and that will handle some sweat and twisting.

What to wear in yoga

Second, take the first consideration above and apply some fashion to it. In the end, yoga fashion is a very broad niche within yoga.

What to Wear to Your Yoga Class


Everyone has a different story with yoga. Many beginners have decided to start practicing yoga because they realized the benefits it provides to the body, mind, and soul.

Others are doing it for the first time because they were influenced some way or another. Some just ended up in class one way or another. One thing is for certain, the first question all of them ask before going to a yoga class for the first time is “what should I wear in class?”

One of the primary goals is to feel emotionally confortable. While in class, be yourself and do what you can at your own pace. And the best way to do that is to just wear what you’re accustomed to wear. Whatever transposes your personality and exhales confidence.  Just follow the instructions below to avoid any distressing experiences.

Let it Breathe

First and foremost, your skin should be able to breathe through your clothes. Choose a fabric that absorbs liquids away from the body. So, wear thin clothes that will not retain moisture or bunch up sweats. This will give you maximum comfort, prevents bacteria and most importantly, odor.

Air Down There

The breathability of your yoga clothes should span down between your hips and thighs. Avoid cotton materials, as it can get heavy when it is wet, and it does not dry quickly as well. Go for a moisture-wicking brief or trunk instead.

What to Wear in Yoga

Also, avoid light-colored pants and bottoms or shorts that are thinning in the groin area. Stick to dark colors, especially if you sweat a lot.

Yoga Pants

Do not wear loose tops and loose shorts (especially for guys). Cycling shorts are ideal. They’re a good option if you sweat a lot or if you’re in a hot yoga class, which involves a heated room and a lot of sweating.

If you decide to wear long pants, they should be able to stretch so that you can still keep a full range of motion. There’s a beauty about yoga pants.

Have the Right Bra

Women have to wear built-in support. It is also important to have a bra with abrasion resistance and moisture management to avoid any unwanted chafing. Make sure you pick tops with sweat-absorbent pads.

Avoid underwire bras as well, as they inhibit movement. Also, the ones that have hooks on the back often dig in into the spine when you do floor positions.

What to Wear in Yoga

In addition to all the benefits yoga offers, getting the right attire for your yoga session will help you being more flexible, improve muscle strength, reduce stress, and also improve concentration.

However, to reap all these great benefits, you have to start by focusing on the basics; sorting what to wear in class.

Any comfortable clothing and loose-fitting attire will do, but accepting these few tips will keep you down dogging in style and comfort.

What Class Are You Taking?

Another major factor that should be considered in your choice of yoga attire is the kind or style of yoga you practice. Slim-fit or leggings shorts and a simple body-skimming tank are acceptable in most classes.

If you are in for a restorative, meditative, Yin or another seated style of gentle practice; pants and baggier shirts will be on point as these styles are not active or physically demanding as others like Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or even hot yoga.

What to wear in yoga

Avoid attires with zippers, buttons, and snaps as much as possible as they may restrict your range of movement, push or pinch into your flesh as you stretch and bend. Instead, stick to movable fabrics, fitted, or elastic waist tops.

Women should not wear low-cut tanks as they can be revealing far more than what they expected when reaching and twisting. They should also endeavor to wear supportive bra tops to keep the girls in place. Whichever yoga classes you attend, make sure you avoid super-short shorts that rise up.

Yoga Tops

Choose yoga wear that is comfortable, allows for easy movement and has a modest coverage that will not be too revealing. Go for clothes that hug your body shape in such a manner that will not restrict your movements.

Usually, stretchable cotton-blend tank tops or tees that hug the torso are most suitable because they work well for both women and men.

Try as much as possible to avoid tops with loose collars or necklines; they can be irritating at times.

I just wish you get the best of your practice. But just remember that all you need is yourself. Choose something you feel comfortable and most importantly, feeling good about yourself.

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