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What is Chair Yoga for Seniors? Benefits Explained

The benefits of Chair Yoga for older adults have proven to be very rewarding not only to increase overall health but also as a way to motivate social engagement. Yes, it’s true the therapeutic poses work the body, from head to toes, to the best of the student’s ability but […]

Beginning Yoga for Seniors

Beginning Yoga for Seniors – 3 Styles That Fit Your Needs

Yoga has become one of the most popular activities among people of all ages. It makes me feel really happy to see the diversity in every class I teach. Classes all over the country are filled with crowds that go from teenagers (even kids) to the more mature. With regards […]

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Yoga for Beginners Over 50 – A Program Just for You

It’s just amazing how a number of yoga studios out there seem to target youthful enthusiasts who are following the “cool” yoga trend. Surely, their idea is to get the best workout possible out of the hour-an-a-half class by choosing more intense styles such as Power Yoga, and Ashtanga Vinyasa.